Anyone has ever seen this DSTTi Gold Z?

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Hi guys

    I recently had this purchase but is very hard to find information online, any idea or comments?

    1. This card will not used the R4 firmware right? I will have to used the DSTTi? is the same thing

    2. I had the 2.1.0-4U firmware on my DS 3D but I updated to 4.5.0-10U, I can`t play any more game on my DSTTi card, how do fix it? thanks guys

    I´m attaching pictures for reference

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    1 - You bought a crappy clone. You should always ask BEFORE you buy, because there's far more crappy clones out there than good cards.

    2 - Correct, Wood for R4 does not support that cart. If it's not playing new games, try this.

    3 -
    That explains how to get it to work on your 3DS again... but it looks like there's no updates since there doesn't seem to be an official site.