Anyone had success in accessing exploits via an Ethernet hub?

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    Hey, I have an Ethernet hub, and what I would like to do is set up a very bare bones network that essentially just has my server that hosts the exploits, and my wii u connected via ethernet. I cannot seem to be able to access the Server this way, and I thought it was due to a non static IP address. I tried to set the Wii U's IP address, but every time I get "The IP address is incorrect"...

    Anyway, I have a 5.3 wii u with my exploits hosted on an ezshare card and would love a similar functionality on my 5.5.1 wii u, and make sure that it has no access to the internet. I know, Tubehax works and such, but I just get paranoid and I don't want to rely on my internet connection all the time.

    Anyone gone this route and been successful? OR perhaps do you know of an alternate method similar to the EZshare card? MAybe like a wifi USB drive that actually can host the mp4 exploits? EZshare is incompatible with mp4 format.

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    I'm just using a cheap Android phone with tethering enabled, but mobile data disabled.
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