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    I had originally bought the Ice Silver Daxter Bundle PSP slim, I started to play Daxter which had really good graphics and textures, well I ended up having to return 3 Daxter Bundles due to stuck pixels and picked up the GoW:CoO Edition and haven't had a problem yet thankfully, but picked up the original Daxter game for $8, Once I tried to play it the graphics are nothing like the one in the bundle, alot lower res textures and even lower res daxter. Now I'm gonna have to pick up the new since I was spoiled by the good graphics lol

    Does anyone know if The Greatest Hits in stores is also updated like the PSP bundle with better textures and such? I'm sure many won't know this but worth a try. I'm just thinking it might be the Daxter bundle thats updated which i'm figuring might be the case.

    Has sony done this with other Greatest Hits games?

    On another note, I'm loving GoW:CoO, game just keeps getting better and better as you get into it, just got into hates.