Anyone able to make gameshark codes for N64 games? I have a request that would make DK64 way better

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    I know, bizarre request. But I want to replay DK64, and I have a gameshark for my N64, and I remembered my one major issue with the game was how tedious it all was to have to go back to a barrel to switch your characters when it would have been so much more streamlined if you could just hit one button and cycle to the next kong in game. Is it possible for such a gameshark code to be created? Maybe you hit down on the D-Pad and it cycles to the next kong of the 5, or each kong is permanently tied to a direction on the D-Pad and the L Button so you could switch to the kong you need immediately. I really feel like such a code would actually make for a more fun overall gameplay experience, it doesn't sound impossible to me, but I've not seen anything like it in all the codes I've seen online.