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May 31, 2008
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Seriously though, this week is going to be just plain hell. Oh and btw, this is my first blog!

Being sick last Monday, I missed my physics class where we happened to be doing a lab for marks.
The date scheduled for those that were away was Tuesday; I thought it was Wednesday.
Friday wasn't a good time for the teacher so it's Tuesday after-school for sure.

+ volleyball...
HOWEVER, the senior team has volleyball Provincials the week after this one so this is our last week of practice.
Practice after school, physics after school... going to have to miss one of them. Coach gets pissed at me for missing practice, and teacher... well just goes on being a teacher.. "0".

Speaking of physics, I'm doing horrible in dynamics. The positives/negatives as a result of direction kills me.
That's what I get for not doing my homework.

Math test this week.
Haven't been doing my homework for this either, but I suppose I know my stuff better than I do with physics.
We're on logarithms FYI. Not too bad- I'm in a couple programming classes and I like the logic that's involved in both.

More volleyball...
Volleyball provincials next week! Being held in Kelowna, BC- so we're taking Greyhounds for a 2-3 hour drive.
We won Districts undefeated, and almost won Cities but we lost to an unranked team who had to take two backdoors to get into Cities which ticked our entire team off.
But we still came second in Cities meaning we got into Provincials. Can't wait!

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