Any word on ban waves yet?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by codezer0, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. codezer0

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    I know microsoft likes to do a ban wave once a year at least, or usually nearing the release of one particularly high profile title. However, it does seem that our intrepid users always seem to have a way of finding out ahead of time when these ban waves will start. Or report when it already has...

    Question is, has it started yet? any places to check when it would be starting? And given it would be my first time going through this, any best practices to do while it is going on?
  2. Riicky

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    May 15, 2009
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    My guess, is either when COD Black Ops is released, or Halo Reach
  3. codezer0

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    Jul 14, 2009
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    Fair enough, but what should one do during these times?

    Flash to stock firmware and stick with the legit games and/or arcade-only titles? Or simply stay the hell offline until it all blows over? As said, I am fairly new to the whole thing, and any advice on how to be best prepared for it is appreciated.
  4. Joe88

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    most likely by the time you find out about it, its too late

    like the last ban wave there was no stop
    they added new stuff to detect the firmware and now anytime you go one with it you will be banned
  5. CJL18

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    you cant stop when they wanna ban us they will ban us. Like the guy above you said probably when black ops or Halo Reach is leaked is when we will see a ban wave
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    MS do switch things up somewhat each time and the 360 scene (in both senses of the word) are filled with all manner of BS but last year
    bans (suspensions?) initially happened for Halo 3 ODST leak (that was a very bad rip so it was to be expected really)
    After this suspensions/profile bans happened for the borderlands and forza 3 leak in mid October (at the time MS said they could tell the difference between a retail and a copy in this regard- this probably could have been taken as a sign but it equally could have just been marketing FUD)

    The proper bans then happened which were related to drive firmware a few weeks later (late October/early November) and these came with drive crippling. They came in spurts/mini waves during that time as well.
    Where it gets interesting is that after a those that were offline or subsequently flashed to 1.6 or something can still be online now (that is to say the wave stopped)- nobody holds out much/any hope for them surviving this go around if and when it happens.

    Around the same timeframe there was also a new disc wave which resulted in people doing stupid things like wave patching and using said discs on live (several p2p and nuked releases on the scene did this and worse.

    Around the same time we also had rebooters (JTAG) which were banned, nowadays they last a matter of hours.

    On top of this you have the revoked bans but that is a constant for those who play save sharing and possibly profile hacking (again I find that people getting banned for profile editing immensely amusing).

    As for when it does seem to be an end of year thing (the more cynical among us call such a thing a marketing ploy) but high profile releases/leaks are an equally likely bet.
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    There's one MAJOR bonus that MS has working for them, in the way they do waves-

    They flag accounts, then take them all down at once. Therefore, you could already be marked on their end, and when the wave comes, then you're hit. It's not that they'll just check when the wave happens.

    And no-one (outside of the employees that deal with this directly- Stepto and his team) knows exactly how it works.
    MS & the Xbox team are great like this... in terms of the secrecy and how they're taking people out.
    It's stunning the work they do.

    And if i ever hack a system, it's going to be an offline ONLY system, and i'm going to transfer my acct back and forth... but never have the option of them checking the system.