Any way to use GC-port mats on a Wii U / Wii Family Edition?

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    I have both the Wii (with a GC ports) & the Wii U game consoles so I wish to pack the first one in a box & put it on a shelf. But I really love to play Active Life (aka Family Trainer) series as well as a DDR titles. They both are use a specific game controllers - dance mats connected using a GC ports. As all of you know there are no such a ports in a Wii U nor in a Wii Family Edition which is sad. But as a Nintendo's GC adapter is out now is it possible to add it's support to a cIOSes? In that way so a Wii (vWii) will recognize attached devices (dance mats, GC pads).

    While Nintendont is already supporting this adapter I can use both of my bongos & ddr mat controllers in a GC games which is great. Wish there will be a solution for a Wii titles too.
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    i think nintendont recognize the GC adaptator... So GC game can use it... maybe vWii will support it soon ?
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