Question Any way to turn down the audio volume down?

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    Hello :)

    Is there any mod/hack to turn down the volume of the switch?

    I have the switch on my HDMI PC display that has no volume control. Of course I can turn down the volume ingame but some games/apps dont have that option and the homescreen is loud too.

    So is there any way to turn down the HDMI audio output?
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    No available mod since its useless
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    For games we could probably look into hacking them (we certainly have done similar things on various systems for many years now) but I would probably steer clear of modding the menu for something as trivial as this (if nothing else you would possibly have to remake it every update). it might be possible to do some kind of small hack that forces the volume low for games (many systems will have internal volume level and you can fiddle with that)

    What is your screen like though? Way back when I used to have to tap off the speakers to go as a line out when TV makers decided people didn't need such things. Would not be so hard to stick an inline potentiometer or something in there to do that.

    There might be such a thing a something that can sit in a HDMI path and fiddle with the audio (if things can be added to the video then it can be added to the audio as well).
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    HDMI audio will be line level audio, you wont be able to turn it down
    If you do want to mess with it, pins 1, 3 and 4 are the audio wires. 4 is gnd.
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