Any way to make a fake emerald cart useful?

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    Awhile back I bought a pokemon emerald cartridge on ebay because my emerald & sapphire are missing. I beat the game thinking it was legit but after the elite four + credits i lost my save file. I mainly bought the game so i could put the pokemon on the current games. According to the interwebs Emerald can trade with fire red (which i have legit) but emerald must have the national dex (so I need to beat the elite 4)

    I thought if i put my save file on the computer using GBAbackup tool I could beat the elite 4 and put it back on my cart. I already lost my save so i took a gamefaqs .sps, used vba, saved and tried putting the save (64 and 128 kb save) onto the cart (64kb couldn't be put on card). The 128kb went on the cart but it said it was corrupted.

    Anything I'm doing wrong? Is there a way i CAN put a past elite 4 .sav onto my fake emerald cartridge and have it working?
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    I had the same problem with my emerald cart. I played the game through and I still have my save file on the cart (no problems, nothing). If I were to transfer the pokemon from emerald to Diamond/Pearl on DS would they still be there? I wonder...

    Maybe I should go give it a go.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    Does it let you trade with legit cartridges of the other Gen 3 Pokémon games?
    If it does, then you could always use that cart to play up to the Elite Four, then be able to trade over Pokémon from it to real carts.