any way to lock the mouse to the center of the screen?

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    Jun 16, 2018
    ive been trying to play metroid prime trilogy in dolphin and ive ran into some problems, but the problem i really cant find a way to fix is that when the mouse hits a border of the screen the game reads it as if im not moving it anymore.
    is there any option or program to lock the mouse to the center and have it still reading it as moving? just like a normal fps
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    When you say screen do you mean window? Sometimes people also have problems if they have multiple screens.

    In that case you want a mouse jail. Not sure what the kids are using nowadays but that is the term.

    If you mean you want the mouse cursor (whether visible or not) to put itself in the middle of the screen then you might want to look up something like a virtual joystick. You tend to see it more for flight simulators but for the way the wii works it will probably be useful here. I don't know if dolphin will have such functionality built in already.
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    Turn on relative input in controller settings.