Any way to extract texture icons or images from SSB3DS eshop update?

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    I am curious if there is any way to extract images or icons from the eshop 1.08 update? Someone has done the extraction on Mewtwo in 1.0.6 update, but I need icons for the rest of the DLC characters, mainly the character selection icons, not the stock icons. I believe I have successfully extracted the cia 1.08 update as I have two folders: ".crr" and "sound" then some files as follows: "cro.sarc","dt","ls","". All of them files are in the "romfs" directory, so I think I extracted them correctly. I tried using the tools listed on this thread however the readme does not state on how to properly use the tools, I tried simply dragging the file onto the tools only to have it choked out with ValueError. I think I am not using the tool properly. I also tried Every File Explorer, only to be presented on not being able to open any files even the SARC compressed file. Any tutorial will be appreciated.
    I just might have to create a pseudo character selection icon for the DLC characters.