Any way to edit profile and fake link account?

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    I am currently recreating my emunand. Once it completes I will upgrade it to the latest version and then try kefir first and see what happens. I will update you guys shortly.

    Just FYI, 512GB Samsung Micro SD. Freshly formatted though the SXOS emunand set up. Hidden emunand partition.

    So, I have created my emunand. which is on 5.1.0. Upgraded it to 8.1.0. Ran the kefir updater. It reports as successful. I then reboot in to sxos and select to boot my emunand and I still only have my profile within my emunand originally. What am I doing wrong?
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    So folks what I don't understand is why am I running into this issue on the games previously mentioned (mk11, etc) when I have my nintendo account in my switch? I currently have two games I bought from the eshop awhile back, dkctf & gekido. I never signed up for the pay to play online membership so can that be why I experience the "updating game data" screen on mk11 latest version patch?
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    does this work if applied on emummc with atmospher with ES patches ??
    i am planning to do a nand backup then replcae with hacdiskmount then build the emummc.bin and dd it to the memroy card and boot it via hekate / atmos
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    As long as it mounts properly with hacdiskmount then yes it should do. SXOS emunand worked according do a previous poster.
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    Alright. I have to completely rewrite this post after learning a lot from reading this topic and tinkering with the files.

    The key to add a linked account offline is replacing contents in the 8000000000000010 file or the file itself.
    The easiest method for doing this, especially considering the current state of Atmosphere emuMMC seems to be by using the KefirUpdater. You install it like any other homebrew, then with the press of a button it does everything automatically for you.

    HOWEVER KefirUpdater is a closed source program with account info from someone you might not trust and therefore it's likely some will not prefer this method.

    I've tried to tinker with KefirUpdater to see what it actually does and discovered the following:
    - The program is downloading a zipfile called containing the linked account files.
    - It unzips these files to sdmc:/switch/kefirupdater/su
    - Then it opens and save the 8000000000000010 and 8000000000000011 files. Injection happens here and I'm not sure what goes in 8000000000000011.
    - Finally it reboots to RCM using the reebot to payload method. (At least that's what happens for me)

    Furthermore I've tried to provide modified files manually but the program will always try to download the new files anyway.

    These are the downloaded contents unzipped (same as post #88)
    * unique string generated only for this account
    ** another unique string generated only for this account

    Lastly, a probable way to trick this program to use your own files would be spoofing the address it's looking for by making your custom DNS. But in that case it'd probably be easier to dump emuNAND, use hacdiskmount and recreate your emuMMC again.
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