Any way to cut access times on 128GB Memory Stick?

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    So, I got my God of War PSP to 6.61 Pro-C2. I'm using the MicroSD to Memory Stick(the double slot one). I have 2 64GB MicroSD cards in there. I noticed though, that it takes a while to load. I know there was a trick to speed up the loading times that involved formatting it a certain way. Does anyone remember that?
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    Try formatting the memory stick using 32 KB cluster size, if you can't do it on windows, you can use a program like GUIformat, choose your drive letter and Allocation unit size choose 32768.
    Additionally, on the PSP main menu you can do the following:
    1.-Press select to open VSH menu.
    2.-Go to Recovery Menu.
    3.-Go to Advanced.
    4.-Change Memory Stick speedup to Always.
    5.-Reset VSH to apply changes.
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    Download Game Categories Lite v1.5 R3 plugin & activate. Then create folders in ISO folder & place games in different folders. So when you open any folder games titles load fast on 128gb.
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