Any way to alter region of gamecube games?

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    Jul 6, 2009
    Hi i didnt know where to post this but i have a wiikey 2 Wii with firmware 3.4 on. Ive noticed you can buy a freeloader but apparently this only supports upto firmware 3.3

    Is there any other way i can be able to use for example NTSC gamecube games on my PAL Wii? im a big Mega Man fan and both Gamecube anthology packs for the original series and X only got released as NTSC, but ive tried both copies of games from .Iso and they both give me black screen.

    I also have a problem with PAL version of Godzilla:Destroy all monster Melee as it keeps saying "consult Wii manual"

    But anyway is there any way to make the games to PAL versions, the .Iso i mean or some other technique so i can use the mega man games, ive heard about the RegionFrii but is that only for Wii games?
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    I am not aware of much/anything in the area but if you have a modded wii surely you have something like preloader or starfall/startpatch installed which can make GC stuff region free if you tell it too.

    If not there is a whole bunch of other apps (iso/game launchers) that do not work on such a fundamental level to allow GC region free; as it stands making the GC code region free was probably a whole lot easier than doing it for the wii.

    RegionFrii is an ages old tool, no need for that these days. I believe you are correct though in that it only targetted Wii code.

    Godzilla:Destroy all monster Melee, I am sorry I can not help you with that one. From what you said though your hacked setup is stuck way in the past; update things to more modern hacks and then try again.
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    Jul 9, 2009
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    Preloader can enable region-free for any system menu with the appropriate options enabled in the hacks menu. Most GC loaders will do the same, but that's a little more complicated if you're just trying to play your own discs.

    Interestingly, the GCN region-free hack still works in 4.2, whereas the region-free Wii hack has been patched out... so yeah, it actually is easier to region-free Gamecube games at this point.