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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Statistically speaking you have a sixth cousin twice removed, yet nobody would find it remarkable that you never formally met them.

    This thread however is about the opposite. Have you never met any relatives that most would normally expect to meet (aunts, uncles, siblings/half siblings, cousins, grandparents, great aunts/uncles...) assuming that were alive to find that a reasonable chance.
    Also counting any outlaws in this -- have you never met say the parents of your brother in law?
    Bonus points as it were if they play a considerable role in the lives of those you have met -- barring looking like I would not be able to pick out various relatives of long term partners of various siblings from a lineup, this despite them being round theirs for dinner, holidaying and whatnot all the time and them still very much being in my life (they do fewer photos than me and none of us are on facebook et al).

    More stories is more better but if you just want to note it and move on then so it goes.
    I imagine there will be three main stories (they live far away*, they disowned us/we disowned them/possibly jail, and adoption, maybe even a bunch of those in combination) but others are cool too. If you were bored enough and wanting to be on a database such that one of those DNA tests was done did you find anything there?

    *this may vary. UK to Australia is one such thing, and have heard many stories of that, but I have some Scottish (I could happily drive there within a day, though it would be a long day and would also involve the generally distasteful act of going to Scotland) cousins of my parents/aunts/uncles that I have never met despite them visiting a lot when they were young, in some cases still do, and are still signatories on various trusts. My ancestors were also all about the world traveller bit so there are also plenty of American relatives, and of my American cousins I have met but one (the oldest by a considerable margin) of their total of about 15 kids, despite meeting all of the UK bound mob's lot and unless I go out of my way are only likely to ever meet three.
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    Jul 4, 2018
    yes I don't know my dad family side because he never visited them when we were younger.

    My dad never spoke about himself nor his brothers and sisters.

    I have met one of my uncles but never there children's most of them close to my age I dont know what they look like.

    I think I saw most of them later when my grandfather died in 2015 never again.

    unlike my mother side most of them are friendly and I know all of them and what they look like.
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    Never met my grandmother since she died before I was born. I would say it was a shame, but I never knew her so it is hard to miss her.

    I also have some relatives in the US I have never met and I'm not sure if I will ever get to meet them.
  4. Azerus_Kun

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    Dec 5, 2019
    My grandmother from my father's side died a couple years ago, my father and my grandparents didn't want to talk because some fights or something, my father made peace with my grandfather though, so i did meet him a month or so ago (with all necessary precautions of course), he is what you'd expect from someone in their mid 80s who smoked and drank a lot in their youth
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    Nov 8, 2018
    Relatives I have not met until today are deceased....
    2 Brothers from my Father,we had not Contact since I remember,the "black Sheeps" of his family,as it were...

    And those who are still alive,I have visited at least once in my Life.:)
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    I never got to meet my grandparents on my dad's side. My father's father passed away young, before I was even born, and his mother didn't want to leave Iran. It's a shame, because I truly wanted to know more about that side of my family.
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