Any reliable place to get a replacement DualShock3 battery?

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    So, the same model seems to be everywhere, ebay, Amazon, DX, various random sites, everywhere. Some claim it's "authentic" when it's clearly not.

    The issue I have is..... is there anyway I can get a reliable battery? Li-ion batteries are one thing I really DON'T want to mess with due to how dangerious a cheap one can be, and I have seen reviews on some of those sites where people complained it dies after a few minutes, or stopped taking a charge anymore after a few months, the rated capacity is a flat out lie, or even that they get very very hot.

    Sadly, Sony doesn't sell the batteries separate, and I am not going to buy another $60 controller just to replace the battery.

    Does anyone know of a place I can buy a reliable replacement battery for the DualShock3 controller?
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    Sep 19, 2013
    i am having this problem as well, i wanted to replace the battery on my dualshock 3... howeever, since it has a problem on the L3 button (and the controller acting crazy sometimes) i will try to get a new one..

    and seriously, 60 bucks for a controller... (and ps4 controller being 70) is too much...