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    May 19, 2007
    United States
    Hello, for those who played (playing) SF2 NAmerican version who have played the Japanese version before
    You must have noticed there is something missing from the system, yes, I am talking about the MyPage Extension thing
    the part where you can fill in a list of informations about your personality and life style (kinda like myspace etc.)
    It's not a must-remain function, but I just don't understand why they have to get rid of it, isn't it just nice to have somewhere in the game where you can just be creative (Oh I do love the avatar paint thing) and express yourself a little for your "BROS" either met online or offline?

    I am not angry about it really, I just want to know why they have done that. (its like in MMBN5, Lan's friends each have an unique sort of Homepage in the japanese version, however, they all got changed and made the same in the english version)

    I am guessing it is because of the lack of text spaces avalible for player to type in a sentance with english letters (that's one of the thing I don't like about the NA version, they tend to exclude the vowels in the name of the battle cards becaue there is never enough space fot it. Unlike Pokemon, whch they have their way of extending text spaces somehow).

    thanks for listenning to my moan lol
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