any news about coldboothax, redNAND, homebrew (WIP) from Smea

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Good day everyone, does any of you has any good news about coldboothax, redNAND, homebrew (WIP) from Smea, it has been more than 2 month since he show us this: , from my point of view this is the only perfect IOSU that does not requeire internet access, not even a server at home and is like something permanent in the Wii U that perhaps it does not matter if will come out a new firmware or not and perhaps he can handle everything from the Wii U, including all homebrew for developers that can be used in the same menu of the Wii U, as Smea show in this video with the redNAND app, all this, is very interesting, I know he said in the video that he is not sure if he is going to reléase it yet, that he just wanted to show to all people this because it was a hard work for about a month or something like that, and also that he does not know what will be his next step on the Wii U, but he also said that he hope to help the homebrew and the scene of the Wii U and that he hope to relase some stuff, but he does not know if he will do it or not, I also know he said this: "again, dont watch if you expect a release anytime soon", anyway, this is a grand job and it look like is finished, I just wondering about any news, will be grand if we can use all apps directly from the Wii U menú.
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    Nov 3, 2015
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    Smealum replaced his Wii U NAND to his one on his SDCard ! (To unbrick his Wii U)

    Then he have IOSU. So nothing will came until IOSU is out. Don't expect anything from him.
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