Any major differences between CFW 6.20, and 6.60 B10?

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by RyanRDLPS, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Hey guys. I own a PSP GO model and absolutely love it, just hooked it up with a 16 GB M2 card (couldn't find a 32 GB) and now I have space overkill and am really using my PSP.

    I'm on 6.60-B10, but I don't have the option for a Permanent Flash it seems. Is this correct, I was doing some searching and it looks like one hasn't been developed yet.

    So with that said, should I drop back down to 6.20, to gain it back?

    My biggest worry is there might be major differences between the 6.20 original POPS and the 6.60 one for PSX titles.

    Thanks all in advance, and for helping me out on this one!
    Oh, and quick FYI if you didn't already know Target stores in the US are about to drop the price on the VITA to 199.99! I believe it's a limited sale though but I'm interested for sure! Just thought I'd pass it along!
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    Yes, 6.60's perm method is cIPL, which doesn't work on anything later than an earlier 2000.
    The 6.20 perm method uses a software bug that was fixed later.

    There is a compatibility difference for home-converted PSX titles (PSN versions are bugfixed by Sony), but I don't know which is better for which titles.
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