Any hope of cross playing more titles?

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Hi - I know this forum is more about homebrew - but I have to know: Is there any hope of some super-intelligent person or persons creating a hack that will allow me to play xcom and other ps3 games on a vita?? I bought a PSP hoping I could do this, and almost got the Vita for cross-play until I realized it only supports like 15 titles. I skimmed some of the other posts and it sounds like you guys are still pretty early in the hacking phase. Can someone let me know if this is impossible so I can stop holding my breath.

    I saw this but haven't found anything more about it, how to do it and whether it was squashed.
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    I think! ('cuz I read something about this) that you have to get the ps3 moded not the vita, still take this with a grain of salt and just because I hope it get's you in the right direction when looking for info...

    De nada =] espero sirva!
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    Yes, that's right. Currently if you have a PS3 on CFW it'll let you cross play a ton more games. I played inFamous, and a few other PS3 titles on my Vita with my hacked PS3.