Any hope for Old 3DS XL on 9.8?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Chris_Highwind, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Chris_Highwind

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    So, after seeing the latest 3DS releases, I'm wondering if I should cease updating my 3DS again. Unfortunately, I am currently at, so the question is, will there ever be a way to put homebrew on or downgrade my 3DS XL, or should I just give up and keep updating because there will never be a way to install CFW past 9.2?
  2. hundshamer

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    It took 3 years for the 4.5-9.2 firmware hacks, so if you can wait...
  3. Typhin

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    There is no way to know when or if a new exploit will be found that allows homebrew/downgrading/etc on a System Version above 9.2. There could be something found tomorrow. There could be something already found that hasn't been released yet (for various reasons). It could be three years. It might never happen. Finding an exploit is a matter of both luck and hard work, and the hard work is easily undone by Nintendo if they know of the exploit, so anything in development tends to be kept secret until it's ready for release. And such released are highly unpredictable, even by the people actively working on them.

    If homebrew is a priority, you could try purchasing another 3DS and hoping to get one on a lower firmware. Then you could transfer over anything you need to and sell your previous system, if you desire. If homebrew is not a priority (at least on that system), then you might as well keep it updated. Sky3DS is likely to continue working on future System Versions, even if it doesn't support homebrew.
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