Any download manager that supports XDCC (IRC)?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by trumpet-205, Feb 8, 2014.

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    As titled, I'm looking for a download manager that supports XDCC. I'm looking for one because I found two limitation with XDCC when you use IRC client to download,

    * Queued limitation
    Depending on XDCC bot this may be fixed at 5 to 10 files. Not exactly useful for overnight download.

    * Does not automatically resume when interrupted.
    Sometimes connection might get interrupted. In this case it won't resume automatically to continue downloading. You have to manually issue send command again to resume.
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    Yeah there are, be very careful using them though as most networks have banned them (bottler/blotter and irc-ork being two older programs aimed at it, watch them be mentioned in about every other rules or motd).

    Whether the modern versions of the previously mentioned things have the functionality you want I do not know, most of my IRC downloading is for 50 meg files or merely a frontend to grant FTP/http/password access.