Any Crime Drama fTV Show Fans?

Discussion in 'Books, Music, TV & Movies' started by MrJmanzor, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. MrJmanzor

    MrJmanzor Newbie

    My personal favorites are:
    1. "The Mentalist"
    2. "Bones"
    3. "Criminal Minds"
    4. "Sherlock"

    Anyone else out there follow on the exciting drama?
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    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    I do like myself a good crime drama, however since I watched the wire most other shows seem somewhat quaint. It certainly did any desire I had to see another CSI episode completely in.

    Of your list
    1. Did not mind a few of them, never really thought to pick it up in earnest though.
    2. Started to watch the first series, surprisingly for a gimmick show it managed to sustain itself.
    3. Watched most of them in over a weekend about three years ago and more or less kept up since. I would not bat an eyelid if it got cancelled though.
    4. People keep telling me to have a look but I am holding out for it to either have a few series done or be cancelled before I pick it up.

    I hear it went downhill fast but the first series of underbelly (an Australian show) did well for me, just ignore the decided lack of extras.
    I will watch NCIS because why not.
    It has been about five years since I watched them but I did have a soft spot for the old law and order repeats that the UK version of the hallmark channel played, did not mind the criminal intent or SVU offshoots either though I never saw any of the others.
    I was sad to see Flashpoint go the other month though that might count as off topic. Sticking with Canada I caught regenesis thanks to it being a cheap DVD at the checkout a friend picked up- think what if Bones was pushed further towards science. Endgame despite the lack of an ending was worth watching for me.
    I did watch Castle but never picked it back up following an extended spell on 3g internet.
    Looking back on it after the wire it might not have been put in such a favourable light but The Shield did well for me and was my favourite police show for a long time.

    I saw a few other shows in passing but not enough for me to really bother remembering and typing the names, if I go further many shows have a heavy crime theme but are hardly what would be called police procedural shows. That said- a touch of cloth (UK spoof of such shows) is well worth a watch if you like these sorts of shows and a spoof is what you are after.

    A decided lack of UK and Europe versions of these and I will probably have to go back to something like Jonathan Creek, that said Jonathan Creek was awesome.

    All that said it has meant it has been years since I have seen a good crime film as I reckon the format is far better suited to TV shows/tv miniseries.
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