1. cefca

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    Feb 11, 2006
    United States
    i ordered a replacement analog stick module for my psp 2000 for the cap. i should've just placed the cap and be done with it...but i had to take out the original one and put in the new one. it didn't work and so i was watching videos on youtube about replacing it and noticed that i was missing the clear jelly silicone so i took it off my old one and put it on the new one.

    the new module wasn't a perfect fit so i had to clip excess plastic from the screw hole until it went in right. unfortunately all my previous attempts kept damaging the silicone contact.

    i was going to order one off dx but it seems like such a rip off for a tiny little thing like that to be more than a dollar and i fear i will have the same problem, trying to get it in without it going all crazy/erratic and repeated insertions will damage it again.

    so i was wondering if there is a more "sure fire" way to read the analog stick module. i was thinking of pasting some conductive glue on the joystick contacts then letting it harden and sliding it underneath onto the board that way it will be a full complete contact BUTTTTTTT i'm not entirely sure this is a good idea so i'm holding off on that.
  2. Ozito

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    Mar 20, 2006
    I'm not sure but I believe that the contact rubber separates the signals, adding conductive glue would just send scrambled signals to the board. Do note that's just what I believe.

    You should just order a new one. Or order two and sell one local and try to get the money back that way.
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