Any 3D homebrew?

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    Is there any homebrew that has any 3-D in it? I know making anything 3D is incredibly difficult, and homebrewers still have other issues at the moment with current 2D apps and games, but I'm just wondering if there's anything out there that's 3D. More or less yes/no answer. Thnx. If it has source files that would be cool 2, want to study a bit of other work before I even attempt anything. And if anyone could compile DS code, it'd be cool if you could gimme ur AIM or MSN screen name (like maybe one person tho, whether I make any progress in C++ is questionable, and whether i get good enough to release anything half decent is also in the air) 'cause my compiler is totally messed up, i made a thread earlier showing my agony compiling alright code.
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    There has been a few 3d apps ranging from stuff in tech demo arena to full homebrew games.
    While I do not follow every movement in DS homebrew a quick scan of reveals a fair few.

    As for making your own code DS 3d has been likened to openGL, as usual (especially the forums in this case) are the place to head.
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    Shows some example based on some rendering code written in the palib nds libraries (, which can render 3D Studio Max models. The engine written isn't that great, nor is the toolkit, but it's a good example that prolly helps you more than any fps engine or port so far...