Another Zelda game-stopping bug

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    Feb 16, 2003
    I'm more than half-way through Zelda, and today experienced my first serious bug.

    I went to warp (like I've done dozens of times before) and this time when clicking on the specific warp icon that I wanted to go to, nothing happened. It played the sound effect of accepting the command, and the music still plays and I can still move the cursor, but nothing is happening. I cannot move forward or back out of this screen. The only button on the remote that does anything is the Home button, which would allow me to exit the game or reset it, neither of which I want to do. I can back out of the Home menu, but it just takes me back to the warp map screen. The music continues to play and I can move the cursor by aiming the remote, but I cannot click on anything or scroll the map or cancel back out. So technically the game didn't freeze, it just didn't proceed with the command and is now stuck in limbo.

    I have replaced the batteries in the remote and tried re-sinking it to no avail. Using a completely different remote and nunchuck doesn't make any difference either. Disconnecting the remote or nunchuck gives the usual messages, and they go away after reconnecting. But it just sits at that map screen and will not proceed. It's a genuine game-stopping bug.

    I've warped countless times previously with no issues, and no, my system is not overheating. It's barely warm to the touch. I have even ejected the disc and put it back in. Nothing will cause the game to proceed.

    All I can say is to beware of this bug. If you're planning to warp somewhere and you haven't saved in a while, save first.

    For reference, this is the point in the game I was at. Perhaps it isn't really random and somebody can duplicate it at the same spot. Mild Goron side-quest spoiler:
    I had just taken the barrell of spring water to the Goron on the newly built bridge to Castle Town, but after throwing it on him, he commented that it was cold (even though I didn't waste any time getting there). So I turned around and ran to the other side of the bridge. I dispatched an enemy and hit up on the d-pad and chose to warp. I clicked on Kakariko village and then it just sat there after I pressed A on the warp icon on the map.