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Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by Tweeder, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Tweeder

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    Oct 20, 2004
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    Gloucester City, NJ
    Alright guys, I did alot of searching thru the forums, and got alot of information, some of it went against other info so I guess I'll ask it once again.

    Which GBA Flash Cart should I get?

    I want:
    - Good GBA compat since that's its primary function.
    - Some emulation, maybe NES/GBC/GB
    - Needs to save on the cart, even if theres multiple games.
    - Nees to work on GB Micro, I don't think this is an issue for any cards though.

    I could use but not mandatory:
    - I keep reading about this SD Micro option, I'm not against it, but I'd rather have just a cart. If the price is compareable for the whole set I'll do that whichever.
    - Price is a major factor, I plan on buying 5-10 of them.
    - Shipping is important too, I need these reseasonably fast. I dont want a shop where it takes 2 weeks to see them.

    I guess that's it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Wow, just noticed how old my profile image is down below. Disregard most of that info! I don't even have a DS anymore. And now my World Of Warcraft mage is level 60 [​IMG]
  2. Heinrisch

    Heinrisch GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 27, 2006
    EZ3 maybe?

    Read the reviews, ts the best to do..
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