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drizzt007 Jan 31, 2010.

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    Aug 7, 2009
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    I'm trying to get this game working using neogamma 8, but I keep getting "hook error".
    this is what I've been trying

    "3º Solution Written by WiiPower

    How to get Wii Sports Resort working(disc/sd/usb on softmods, will work for hardmodded Wiis too, but would be kind of pointless to do it this way on these):
    1. Get NeoGamma:
    2. Run NeoGamma from HBC
    3. Select alternative .dol loading from disc
    4. Start the game
    5. Select the .dol that is NOT the main.dol
    6. Watch all movies
    7. The Wii will crash/reboot
    8. Set NeoGamma back to no alternative .dol loading
    9. Use your preferred method to play the game

    If you get an error, freeze or reboot AFTER step 5, you may have the wrong cIOS and/or wrong settings. The game does not like it if you force the video mode. To solve cIOS "question", install rev13a:"

    I can get it to play fine using USB loader, but it just won't play in neogamma no matter what I try.
    I've selected alt dol, switched it to player .dol , I've tried installing cIOS rev13a, but still getting errors.
    I've also tried watching the instructional video with the original disc, and then trying the backup with neogamma 8

    can anyone think of anything I've missed ? I thought it would work after I watched the motion plus instructional video from the original disc, but still no go.
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