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    Apr 27, 2008
    first I must say I've plenty of original games so the questions about backups are about my own games only, I really don't need pirating [​IMG]

    I need help to understand more what the Wiibrew site tells about IOS37 :

    please correct and complete what you can from what I understand :
    - the signature bug in the firmwares preceding IOS37 allows hackers to lure the Wii system menu, for instance to launch homebrews.
    Do the modchips, freeloader also use this to launch backup? Or the modchip lures only the DVD drive? Or the "job" of the modwhip is to bypass the first level of protection, on the drive, and the bug allows to pass the level of protection on the game itself (a trucha-modified game or import game) : in short, if the signature bug isn't available, does all backups stop to work, or only those who are different from the original one -brickblocked for instance-
    - if I install the upgrade - because I'd really like to buy 1 or 2 Wiiwares - , I don't risk anything if each time the wii proposes me an upgrade, I refuse, AND everytime I buy a game, I don't play it directly but rip it, brickblock the disc image, burn a trusty DVD and play only with it?
    I expected to have backups of all my games whatever the case

    My Wii is currently 3.2E so it is about the european upgrades

    thank you a lot !
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