Another Pokesav HGSS 0.03 English translation

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    Yes, I know CloneCharizard beat me to it, but I thought I might share my translated version anyway, as it is a bit different.

    Here's a readme I made for it:
    POKESAV for Heart Gold / Soul Silver ver.0.03 by COM
    Translated from Japanese to English by da_letter_a
    In Pokesav HGSS ver.0.03, COM had added Player Location
    support, and removed SCORE support, as it didn't work.
    COM has also added support for badge editing in the
    "Events Edit" section, but only the Johto badges for now,
    and so kept the "Events Edit" Section greyed out, so I
    (da_letter_a) renamed it to "Badges Edit" and un-greyed
    it and enabled it for you :)
    Anything that was greyed out and currently unused has
    been removed, which results in a smaller window size for
    some windows.
    I have also added a few images too.
    I have included 2 versions of my translation in this .zip
    package, one has an "old-fashioned" GUI, just like the
    original, untranslated Pokesav HGSS, and one has a
    "newer" look, like the Pokesav Platinum translation. I
    personally like the old-fashioned style, as that's what
    the original Japanese Pokesav HGSS has. Which style do
    you like?
    There are 3 Key Items that I have left untranslated, as I
    do not know what they are, what they do, or where in the
    game to get them without cheating, not to mention the
    translated versions of these items make no sense. If you
    can tell me what these items are, what they do, and where
    to get them in-game, or if you can properly translate them,
    I'll be able to add them to my Pokesav HGSS translation.
    This program is best run via Microsoft Applocale, running
    under Japanese (the last selection in MS Applocale's
    language list).
    When the next version of POKESAV for Heart Gold / Soul Silver
    is released, I WILL translate it!
    And here's the download link: