Another one bites the dust

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    For the uninformed, LeRoi Moore was the man behind the saxophones for Dave Matthews Band and easily one of my biggest influences as a musician. It is sad that he died at such a young age, he will truly be missed by the band and the millions of fans.

    First Isaac Hayes then Bernie Mac and now LeRoi Moore, this really has been a shitty month for talented musicians and actors.
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    Truly sad news indeed. [​IMG]

    He was a hell of a musician, and created much of the signature sound of DMB. I sure did love hearing that man play live. Hearing LeRoi jam on that sax was always a highlight for me.

    I think I'll go put on a live album and try to appreciate the musical genius he shared with us.

    DMB news

    Rest in harmonious Peace LeRoi.

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    I didn't know who he was by name, but now that I know....Geez, what a terrible loss for the rest of us. =\ Rest in peace, music man.