Another one about backing up saves for pokemon...

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    Yes i have tried to read as much as i can on so very many web pages for the past few hours but i cant seem to get my head around this.

    As far as i can tell this is the most ive managed to come up with so far:

    I still have no idea how to prep a new DSTT card to be able to be used for homebrew applications O.o

    Using rudolfs wifi setup NDS tool on the DS and smallftpd running a server on my PC, copy the save file off of pokemon diamond from my nintendo DS to my PC via a wi-fi connection. Like here

    I then have to resave the file into a different size (To a 1mb file?!?!) Here

    Edit the file using the pokesav application.

    Resave the new edited file and Rename to the original save name.

    Put it back in the original folder that the .sav saved off the DS into.

    Now heres the biggest thing! i dont know at all and cant seem to find anywhere how to restore the modified .sav file back onto the original game cartridge, apparently using the NDS tool in reverse. (Here! he just says "and i backed it up and restored it to the game". Which i just dont get at all.)

    Ive honestly been looking for hours and ive seen so much different information i think my brains confused everything into one giant mess. So if anyone could give me a bit of help, preferably without just posting links and smart alec comments id be very much obliged.