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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Ratmonkey, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Ok, I am searching and reading and cannot find an exact answer to what I am looking for, usually I am a "just try it" kind of guy but I bricked my last wii with that attitude so am now treading very softly. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a NTSC wii LU38... 3.4u. I have cioscorp 3.3, HBC, preloader w/ a nand backup, and bootmii as a ios installed. I am in love with loading games from the disc channel. My only problem is I have some PAL games that I have to load from a backup channel. I want to know the easiest way to "region free" or force region on the disc channel.

    I have 3.4u so the hack.ini doesn't work on preloader. I was looking at the 4.1 update then startpatch but now I am reading that loading from the disc channel doesnt work. I feel I should probably do some kind of update 4.0/4.1 now before I am forced to later so that is my lesser goal. But my first and formost is the disc channel.

    Again, any advise would be appreciated.

    Also, being I have a NAND backup is this a "full reset" back to where I was when I made the backup or is there something that that will not fix if I start messing with stuff.

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    Pretty much under no circumstances would that NAND backup be a good idea to use as you only have the IOS version of bootmii. It should only be used if the boot2 version can be installed on the wii. The only thing that IOS nand backup should be used for is a LAST resort if your Wii is completely bricked otherwise, you can get a hardware NAND programmer to flash that back on your chip directly.

    I'd say having CIOSCORP at all is far from "treading softly" but anyways, I'm not sure how any updaters would deal with updating while having that version of CIOSCORP because every IOS has a maxed out version number. I would get rid of at least the IOS's CIOSCORP installed NOT BY DELETING THEM, but running dop-IOS v7 and installing the most recent official IOS's over all of them. Don't touch IOS30 and 50 at all though. Do install a normal IOS60 with the sig hash check though.

    Then after getting official IOS's back, you should be able to update with Waninkoko's updater.

    Then reinstall preloader, enable your hacks, and then you should be able to reinstall the CIOSCORP 3.3 IOS's if you REALLY need disc based loading.
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    EDIT: nabster beat me to it (slow network connection)