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    Hey guys. Well these last couple of weeks have been pretty stressfull in school since we had a hell of a lot of schoolwork and shizl to do...aaanyways long story short I had lots to do but now I got nuthin' to do and then I thought..."ah mah gah! why not make an anime/manga music video! [​IMG] "

    Well i don't really know how to make anime/manga music videos and I have no idea where to start so i thought i might ask here for some pointers on which programs to use to edit music, videos etc. And other helpfull info to get me started. Any help is really apreciated! [​IMG]
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    As far as I know, you can make pretty good AMV's with using only Windows Movie Maker. It cuts the movies into pieces so you can gether different scenes from different episodes and make a move and you can add music, and voila !! You have an AMV !!
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    Personally I have never made an AMV (or really wanted to) but the good ones seem to be set to music/take their cues from it.

    The dilemma here then is that the apps with a GUI that seem made especially for this (instant previews, easy to select scenes, easy to adjust timing....) are either hideously expensive (enthusiast grade stuff like adobe premier and some of the video camera suites) or useless for the end result (windows movie maker).

    If you can get the former then do so, if not I suggest getting/making a whole load of clips and using virtual dub perhaps backed with avisynth (probably the primary combo I use to remaster/edit stuff).

    Avisynth (a script based frame server/video editor that can probably beat premier in functionality although until you learn how to script this sort of thing is hard).
    Virtual dub, most people who work with video know this app:
    See also virtualdubmod, it integrates with avisynth slightly better:
    VirtualDUB mpeg2 may also be of interest:

    If you want help with rainbowing or other remastering/error correction (anime is notoriously difficult to work with) then post and I will try and help.