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    From GoNintendo

    "The little text-box in the Animal Crossing picture reads, ‘Its Been a while! It’s time to revisit an old friend. How’s your village doing these days?’. Could this be a tease for an Animal Crossing Wii reveal? The same page also claims that the next issue will have a scoop on 2 brand-new Wii titles. I am afraid to start speculating! Huge thank you to Hazzo for the heads up."

    Not sure if people would care about the next issue seeing that E3 would have come and gone by then and I'm sure Nintendo would have Animal Crossing & the other Wii title on show. Official Nintendo hardly ever gets any world exclusive stuff like Nintendo Power does.
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    Jul 11, 2006
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    Hopefully they'll do a lot of fun stuff with this one.
    Like you said in an earlier Tempcast, it'd be cool if you could have your Mii Animal Crossing-ilized and a playable character.

    But, I really did like the DS version better than the GCN version...am I the only one who liked handheld Animal Crossing more than console Animal Crossing? [​IMG]

    Maybe they can make a new Animal Crossing for the DS in the future...
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    Mar 19, 2007
    It's time they expanded this title. the N64/NGC/NDS versions were a bit too much alike...

    Pretty much ports hehe

    The whole wifi thing could be cool seeing as the standby connection could mean villages could be visited whenever. I just hope they add a LOT more content and make it a really fun thing to play

    I don't want to be doign the same tasks every day again.
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