Animal Crossing Pattern Max v1.0

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    Nov 10, 2002
    Animal Pattern Max v1.0 by Marc R.

    This program will let you import patterns on Animal
    Crossing: Wild World.
    There are other programs that already do this.
    But my program will even add patterns to unused
    residents. What does this mean?
    Well... With this tool you can make huge cool carpets
    for your town thanks to the eight patterns that every
    player has. So if you are the only player on your
    AC:WW cartridge, you will have 24 free patterns for
    And remember that if you add patterns to unused players,
    you will have to use AnimalMap in order to put the edited
    patterns on the ground. Download it here:

    I have attached an example with my Gohan and Gotrunks
    carpets of my town [​IMG] They are both 3x3, so I have still
    room for 6 more patterns (and my own 8 pattern set).

    * It only opens clean SAV (256k) files for now

    * Patterns must have the same format as Thulinma's
    Pattern Tool (

    * When you save, it will create a file with the same
    name but ended with "_NEW". This is the new file you
    are going to use on your game.

    * You will need .NET Framework installed.

    A lot of thanks to Thulinma, that helped me with the
    CRC checksum fixes [​IMG]


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    Awesome, I'm gonna play around with this in a bit...

    Thanks! [​IMG]