Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to transfer save to a New 3DS?

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    Jan 2, 2015
    I am having problems with transferring this saved data from an o3DS running Gateway to a N3DS.

    It's my understanding that Animal Crossing saves the save data on the internal SD card. I have tried copying this data to the internal SD card of my New 3DS, however when I try to run Animal Crossing I am met with a corrupt save data message.

    Any ideas?

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    Animal Crossing is a Card2 game, meaning it saves to the cartridge. If I were to guess at your problem, I'd say your O3DS is on 4.5? If it is, the issue is that saves made on 4.5 aren't compatible with systems running firmware 7.x or higher. Anyway, if the above is indeed the case, all you need to do is extract the save using SaveDataFiler on your O3DS, then import it to the cart with SaveDataFiler on the N3DS.

    If your O3DS isn't on 4.5, give me a few more details and I'll see if I can help.
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  3. DjoeN

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    I'm trying to copy my retail card save from Animal Crossing New Leaf to my digital eshop version of the Game
    BUT i like to keep my save also on the retail card.

    To my understanding when you use the official Nintendo transffer app, you lose the save on the card after the transffer.

    What i already tried:
    - Transffer save to SD with savedatafiler from retail, then i transffered it to the digital version, -> result: corrupt save
    - Transffer save to SD with Save Data Manager from retail, then copied everything to PC used secure value fixer on PC then i transffered it to the digital version, -> result: corrupt save

    Any help?

    Ok got it working :)
    - N3DS XL on Sysnand 10.3 with MenuHax and Original Homebrew Launcher

    - Secure Value Fixer (Windows program)
    - Save Data Manager (3DS Homebrew program) (SDM in short for now)

    1. Dump your Retail game cartridge save with "Save Data Manager"
    2. Now copy the save files to your PC into a folder named "OldACNLSave"
    3. Delete the save files from your SD and put it back into your 3DS
    4. Remove your retail game cart from your 3DS!
    5. Now go Play your Digital version until you can save!
    6. Boot into Homebrew Launcher and dump the save from the digital version with "Save Data Manager"
    7. Now copy the dumped save files to your PC in a folder named "GoodACNLSave"
    8. Delete the save files from your SD and leave the SD in your computer

    Fixing Secure Value:
    01. Start Secure Value fixer and click on "Open" under [Corrupt "Old" Save]
    02. Go to the folder "OldACNLSave" and select the file "Garden.dat" (This is your Retail Game cart save dump)
    03. Now click "Open" under [Good "Latest" Save]
    04. Go to the folder "GoodACNLSave" and select the file "Garden.dat"
    05. Under "Select Game Secure Value" select "Animal Crossing New Leaf"
    06. Leave the rest like it is and click "Fix"
    07. Now go to your "OldACNLSave" folder and copy all files with exception of the Garden.dat.bak0 back to your SD in the same folder you as "SDM" placed the save (now empty)
    08. Remove SD and put it in your 3DS and boot into "HBL"
    09. Run "SDM" and select your Animal Crossing New Leaf game
    10. Read and ONLY press "B" to import your save!
    11. Press "X" to exit back to "HBL"
    12. Press "Start" then "A" to boot back into your 3DS Home Menu
    13 Enjoy your save from your Cartrige game!

    For CFW:
    12a. Turn off your 3DS and boot back into your CFW where ACNL is installed
    13 Enjoy your save from your Cartridge game!
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  4. DjoeN

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    Oct 21, 2005
    Somewhere in this potatoland!
    Nevermind i editted my previous post :)
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  5. godstriker8

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    Feb 8, 2010
    Just use your boy "SaveDataFiler".

    Go to the AC NL CIA (or CTR cartridge if it's physical), and use the options shown on the top screen to backup the save, and then the secure value.
  6. nippyn

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    Jan 4, 2016
    I tried this, but got an error in game that the data was corrupt and should it be deleted. Should I install them to SD in particular order?
  7. godstriker8

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    Feb 8, 2010
    Try deleting AC NL's secure value after restoring the save.
  8. deishido

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    I'll assume the old ACNL game was a real cart and the new one is an eshop copy. I have included information for people using just one system. I have also detailed how to do this with two separate systems if necessary.

    If you have access to HBL (any system fw<10.3.0-28), use svdt. That's all you need.

    No hex editing. No secure value finding. No corrupted saves. Its super easy and you don't need to worry about messing anything up, its noob friendly. It practically does it for you. I'll go into details to help you out, but its an easy process that can be explained in about 4 steps: dump the old save files, play the new game a little to generate a dummy save file, inject old files into new game, done.

    Here's the detailed version.

    1. launch svdt from the home brew menu. Step two is the hardest part. If you have both the new and old games on the same system, it may be hard to tell them apart. Just choose one for now. Chances are, if you're dumping from a physical cart, it will be the first one. You can also use this one the o3ds, then later transfer what you need to the new3ds. I'll explain later.

    2. Select the copy of acnl you want to copy from. when the app loads, it will ask about saving a secure value, accept. Always accept.

    3. When inside the app, there will be the game's save data one the left (garden.dat, mail.dat, friend1.dat, exhibition.dat etc. You may not have all of these) on the right is your sd card. If you have been playing this game a while, you will probably see those other files (mail, friend, exhibition) if you haven't started the new game yet, it won't have these files. This is the easiest way to make sure you're on the right game. Make sure you're on the old one at this step! Make sure you remember which one this is, too. (First one, right of the music app, left of the settings app, whatever. Just remember which one was correct, the order of the list doesn't change unless you install something new)

    4. Move your selector to the left and copy all the items from the left to the right (y button copies the selected file)
    Exit the app. Take a break, find a snack.
    You're about half way done.

    Now is a good time to make a backup folder with these files inside somewhere on your computer. These files can be used to go back to this version of your town at any time, no matter what. Backups are the most important thing you can ever do when working on games like this.

    5. Now, if the game you want to copy TO (the new one) is on a different system (eshop) move your copied save files to that systems sd card and set up the homebrew launcher with svdt on that system . If its a different physical card, or eshop on the system you are currently on, just insert it into the system you are already on.

    6. Now, play the new copy of animal crossing. You must progress through the game far enough to plant the tree, then save and quit. Do not talk to regular villagers, this will make it easier to identify the correct copy of the game. You must personally save and quit, the game autosaves after planting the tree, then continues. You must save and quit afterwards. Names and things do not matter, so don't worry.

    7. Reload svdt, this time select the NEW game. If you remember the placement of the old one, it should be easy to figure out.

    8. Be sure you allow svdt to store the secure value!

    9. you will probably notice the files on the left side may be different from before. If you didn't talk to any villagers, and didn't continue playing long enough to receive mail, then you shouldnt have "friend1.dat," "exhibition.dat" or "mail.dat" in the left side. Probably just garden.dat.

    10. This time, move the files you saved earlier from the right side (SD card) TO the left side (game data) it will ask you if you want to replace garden.dat, say yes (select button) there shouldn't be other files that ask this, but if there are, say yes.

    11. Load the new game, it should be an exact copy of the old one. If it tries to load the save we made earlier (planting the tree, saving and quitting) then you may have injwcted the files into the wrong save, just try again.

    This mini guide was written to copy a physical game to a digital one, but can easily be adapted as needed.

    This should help anyone transferring towns. It works with cia, eshop, cart and even in Emunand (as long as you load the hbl in Emunand) there's no messing around with other files and programs, its all in one.

    Even if you messed something up, svdt had you covered because it automatically makes a backup for you when you load the program. That svdt can automatically restore for you if anything goes wrong.
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  9. CrispyYoshi

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    Actually, I did this for this exact game with SaveDataFiler.

    1) Run the .cia version of the game at least once. Let it initialize a save.
    2) Dump the save from the CTR physical game cart. Remember the name of the SD folder it saved to.
    3) Dump the save from the .cia version. Remember the name of the SD folder it saved to.
    4) Turn off the 3DS and put the SD card in a computer. Move all of the contents inside of the "SD:/filer/<the CTR save dump folder>/<ACNLtitleid>/" folder over to "SD:/filer/<.cia save dump>/<ACNLtitleid>/<here>". Replace any files it asks you to.
    5) Import the .cia save folder back into the channel with SaveDataFiler.
  10. cearp

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    May 26, 2008
    yeah sdf can do this all, delete the secure value if needed, back up save, restore save...
    no need to use a computer
  11. nippyn

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Thanks for all he help guys! I will try these methods a little later and report back :)