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    Sep 26, 2019
    This is for v1.2.0 (01006F8002326000) but I wouldn't be surprised if it worked with earlier versions. The goal was to make the experience just a little faster.

    I'd been meaning to post this but was planning to do more. I've fallen off the game for the time being so here's where I left off. I didn't experiment too much but I think you could go further, e.g. remove whole 'windows' of dialogue. A big thing I was hoping to improve was Blathers. Didn't get there, sorry, haha.

    I used Switch-Toolbox to extract and re-import .msbt files to and from the .sarc.zs files. And Kuriimu to edit the dialogue.

    Edit: This should work with v1.2.1 if dialogue / messages weren't altered, which it sounds like is the case.

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