Animal Crossing - Let's Go to the City (RUUP01)

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    Hello, Firstly just wanna thank everyone who runs/contributes to this site. This is the most helpful and informative site regarding Wii modding I have Found.
    Now on to my n00bish question.
    I am using WiiFlow, I was having trouble understanding the way to add custom cheat lists. But I found that I could just download them through WiiFlow. I was happy, Until I played the game. Now some of the selected cheats did work.
    Disable Resetti (Changed the date and this lil bastard showed up), Push B to run, No weeds. But the code I'm having issues with the the one with the Button Activator. The Bells Cheat, it requires you to Push A+B+Z+C+1, I have tried all the possible ways to press these buttons but the cheat isn't working.
    That is the code from Gecko site, which I believe is the same place that the WiiFlow gets its Code from?
    Any Idea why it won't work? Is there a step i'm missing or is the code flawed?

    If this is the wrong forum location I'm sorry. Please move it to proper location if so.
    Thank you for looking and I hope someone can help.