Animal Crossing fans: I've released NHSM v1.0.0-alpha, an app that effectively enables multiple islands (Supports Ryujinx and Yuzu)


Dec 10, 2022

NHSM v1.0.0-alpha​


I probed for interest a few weeks ago in a Yuzu subreddit about an app. I started making something to solve a problem - Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not support more than one island, and swapping out saves manually is a pain. Therein comes NHSM, an open-source project (GPLv3 license) over on Github if you're interested in contributing:


What it is​

NHSM supports Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators and you can switch between either depending on your preference.

No more being restricted to one island in Animal Crossing, nor manually swapping save files within hard-to-find save directories. NHSM will automate all of this for you at the click of a few buttons!

NHSM works by storing your islands in a separate NHSM "islands" directory found in your user home, and when you want to use a particular island save it will swap out the local save on your selected emulator with the one in your islands directory. This release also includes integrated NHSE (New Horizons Save Editor) support!



- Very important! As this is the first alpha release, please backup your islands frequently while using this application. It has many unit tests to verify that it works as expected, but I have not tested manually on many different machines.
- Either use one of the installers below to install the application, or extract the directory from the "No-Installer" zip file and run it directly.
- When you first run NHSM, you will be prompted with two different emulators to use: Ryujinx and Yuzu. Choose the one of your preference.
- Yuzu has a static directory structure for saves, so the app is able to automatically find your current ACNH save for you.​
- Ryujinx unfortunately requires a manual locate of the save directory. I have tried my best to include instructions in the app of how to find it, and the "Locate Save Directory" file chooser will do its best to default you to the base directory within Ryujinx to help you find it.​
- You can also select a language in the emulator selection menu.
- Currently, it has support for English and a really poor google translate version of Japanese. I plan to get this re-translated properly in the future.​
- Once you've selected an emulator, press "Manage Islands" and you will be taken to an island manage menu.
- From here you can do many things: create new islands, duplicate islands, edit island names, open an island with NHSE ("Save Editor" button), etc.​
- Now we can begin to choose which island you want your emulator to run. Before that, make sure you are not running ACNH before switching out islands.​
- To switch out which island save your emulator is using, simply select an island in your "Islands" list and click the button "Swap Local" . This will swap the two saves. When you open up the game again, you'll find that you are using the other island!​


Full Support:

Partial Support:
Linux and Mac.

While they build successfully and all tests pass, Linux and Mac have not been tested yet, so try them above at your own risk. After some confirmation of its stability, I will mark them as fully supported. Please feel free to give feedback in Discussions to let me know how well they work on those platforms.
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