android TV box for kodi what is the best i can get for $50?

Discussion in 'Android' started by weatMod, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Aug 24, 2013
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    hello i am recently in the market to buy my 1st
    android TV box

    so i am wondering is the fire stick TV worth it for 35$ (i have $5 best by rewards points about to expire )

    or can i get a much better android tv box for about the same price , around 40-50$
    with same or better specs, obviously the android box will have better connectivity

    also want something has good support, like on XDA

    i recently bought an amazon fire 7 tablet roooted and flashed custom rom and installe dkodi and it runs really well and has a good support base on XDA
    so i was also considering if a fire stick is worth it and will have some decent support
    and is a better option than the endless selection of chinese boxes with spotty of no support

    i'm not looking for 4k ,just 108-p streaming and possibly 3d output from kodi for my 3d tv
    optical out is also a plus if i decide to use it in another room ,
    i plan on buying 3 boxes one for a bedroom tv with HD but no 3d and no surrounf reciever
    one for another bedroom tv with surround 5.1 DTS reciever but no 3d
    and one for main tv HD and 3d but no surround sound