And ActionScript developers here?

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    the problem is that I'm used to Visual Studio and Tubro C's debug modes and debugging in Flash is getting me into frenzy.

    Like everytime I go into debug mode, I have to put everything I want to watch, in watch list, I'm checking like 10 variables for an application and everytime I change the source and go into debug mode again, I have to add all those variables to watch list again.

    or When I just go a step into my debugging, all the watch list closes and I have to open them all agaaain.

    Is there a tutorial on how to work with debug mode in flash? dont give me Watch command please.

    And last but not least, how to link a text box on stage to a variable? to ease the debug mode, I want to have something like textbox.text = this.variable1 (like how we have in C# or VB or other sane languages!)

    Tnx ppl.