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    Jun 15, 2011
    So I recently saw this random recommended YouTube video of this guy that bought a "520 games in 1" NDS game card that turned out to be just a flash card with an SD card preloaded with 520 NDS games. Boring video. Dumb YouTuber thought it was a legit game card. But what caught my attention was that it worked just fine on his New 2DS.
    The commenters on the video all said it was just a very simple Acecard packaged as a legit game.
    This had me thinking; if an Acecard can work on a New 2DS, would a regular TTDS?
    So I went looking and found a number of threads from various places, but mostly Reddit, about TTDS and making it work on a 3DS. It was all rather vague with some conflicting instructions (the only thing that stayed the same in all discussions was the use of YSMenu. Gods know that's a name I haven't spoken in a looooonnnngggg time).
    So I'm wondering....
    I have an old.... OLD old old TTDS card. It has been on many journeys and seen countless epochs. I also have a first generation 3DS with a CFW. Can I make them work together? And if yes, how?
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