An unfortunate report.

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    marica.cooke9808: hola!
    Rydian: Fo'rizzle my communizzle.
    marica.cooke9808: hi there sweety.. hope im not bothering.. just wanted to chat with new ppl.. wanna chat?
    Rydian: I only speak with the friends of the new order.
    marica.cooke9808: yey! so whatcha' up to? my name is roxy btw.. im from miami originally, now i just move around.. where u from?
    Rydian: Ah yes, Roxanne, the Florida head of the new state order! How goes the conversion of the children, comrade?
    marica.cooke9808: ah cool.. im actually just laying in bed.. bored.. feeling a bit horny.. ;) wanna have a little fun with me? lol..
    Rydian: I'm afraid that I do not, eh, understand. Are you being watched, comrade? Is this message under duress? I will try my best to decode your report.
    marica.cooke9808: i'm 24
    Rydian: Ah comrade, a number report! I shall pull out the glorious red chart of the new world order. Two digits, meaning the second important number. Our NEW New Document (1) symbol has three tools in use, so the third power of 2, which is 8. 24 / 8 = 3, Half-Life 3 confirmed!?!?
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    HAH! The HL3 things are on Facebook so much, you made that funny. LOL
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