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    I was checking their site when I came across this review, which I though should help you guys decide whether or not to fetch this card.
    Since it's worth about a page, I'll just post the external link to the review:

    EZ-Flash V review

    This review settles a few things down, as till now there's no such a card that can truly claim 100% compatibility. Can the EZ-flash V achieve such a commitment?
    From the review I read, I can't tell. Maybe somebody who's ordered the card might tell us [​IMG]

    I've read the review & summarized the card's main strenghts & weaknesses

    Pros: -Does not necessarly need patching to play.
    -Card is supposed to work at full speed no matter what microSD chip you may use.
    -Works as a passme for slot-2 cards. (hold the R shoulder at boot then press L at the next menu.
    -EZ-Flash V is yet to support FAT based hombrew, as fatlib has just been released.
    -Side loading microSD: nobody knows you're using a flashcard from the look of it. [​IMG] + you're sure not to push /release the microSD by mistake & possibly lose it. (better safe than sorry).

    Cons:-Does not come with a microSD reader.
    -Not 100% compatible as EZ-flash team claims. (TH sk8tland slows down a bit in clean mode , maybe other untested games might suffer from other issues aswell.
    -Some patched (hybrid) games won't boot (ultimate spiderman, THDJ, Poke Dash)

    Notes: -The firmware is updatable in the same way as the G6 Lite does : copy the update to the card, then boot the DS while holding the R shoulder. You'll eventually be presented with 3 options: passme, update and entering the loader.
    -It looks like there are some issues with hybrid mode (some games would either freeze or not boot), while clean mode seems to be promising (some glitches & slowdowns) .
    -We can't judge homebrew compatibility yet, as the card has just been released. We should wait a bit until hombrewers include EZ-Flash V's flatlib into their apps/games.
    -For those who care, download play compatibility is unknown yet, as it's uncovered by this review.
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    From the same review :

    Btw cracker is busy playing atm [​IMG].
  3. Slade.AU

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    May 23, 2006
    I tested this out. Go look on the Sosuke forums and you'll see how I fared with that.
  4. ooh44

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    Mar 19, 2005
    Which slot-2 you use?
    Can you really use as pass me?

    I tested the PassMe Function with SuperCard Rumble & G6, it won't work. got a blank screen
  5. bobmcbob

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    May 25, 2003
    the passme func works with my ezflash128 gba flash card. The supercard does odd things so specific support is needed.
  6. wymore

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    Dec 21, 2006
    I have a DS-Xtreme, and I was wondering if the EZV recognizes DS-X save files or if there is a program to convert.
  7. Hooya

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    I believe it uses Raw save files. If the DS-X does too, you're set!
  8. wymore

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    Dec 21, 2006
    I believe the DS-X compresses the save files.