amiiqo/n2 or ntag215 for now

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    Nov 9, 2016
    Well there's a lot of amiibos out there, over a hundred I believe, after my search I can get about 120 ntag215 for a amiiqo(shipping not included), so basically if I want a set of all available amiibos the price of ntag215 stickers and an amiiqo is about the same
    My question is, for the fact that amiibos are increasing the amount, seems to me getting an amiiqo is better than ntag215 stickers now, not only you can rewrite amiiqo but also if Nintendo keeps creating new amiibos amiiqo will be cheaper than buying ntag215 stickers
    Id like to hear some suggestions because i have a feeling there's mistakes in my thought, can anyone give me some reasons for buying ntag215 stickers rather than amiiqo?
    I want the whole set of amiibos, so the reason you can buy less ntag215 for the amiibos you need is not there
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    Amiiqo?! You mean N2 Elite!