Alternate Custom Banners for Newer SMBW games.

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    Nothing big to see here, just my crack at some custom banners. I DID post these on AbdallahTerro's Topic a while back, but I figured I'd post mine in my own topic. I actually updated these a bit since I posted them on the other topic. Here are some images and downloads. I only did the 3 Newer games, didn't bother with Cannon or Another. I don't have any real Ideas for those games either, so eh. I might do some later, but for now, this is what you get. By the way, my banners are a wee bit larger than the ones in the other topic (~2mb) It has something to do with sound. I'll look into it when I have free time.

    Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Banner Download
    Based on the original NSMBW banner, changed the color to a nice blue, changed the logos, and lastly, I changed the sound to the Title Screen music for this game.

    Newer Summer Sun Banner Download
    I based this one off Summer Sports Paradise Island, but that banner was pretty generic to begin with. All the images are changed. Background, Logos, and Sound. The sound is the Super Mario Land Overworld Theme remix from this game.

    Newer Super Mario Bros Wii: Holiday Special Banner Download
    Based on Mario Party 9's Banner, much like AbdallahTerro's, but I added in the snowflakes and changed the backgrounds to make it feel more different. I also changed the audio to Mario Kart DS DK Pass Remix from this game.

    So there ya goes, enjoy I suppose. :D
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    Nice job on these, maybe Abz will post them up on his repo as alternate d/loads for the games as well. Would be cool. Thanks.
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    Somebody know if this game " D.U Super Mario Bros 2.1 Madness Returns Game" ID: MMRE01 has your own banner....????