Alt .dol method for Medal of Honor

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by TrickyTony, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Alright... I am pulling my hair out here I have been trying to get MoH2:H to work for a good three days here, can someone PLEASE be my savior. I have tried in both USBLoader_GX and NeoGamma. Tried WiiScrubber 1.3 and 1.4. Tried cIOS rev 10 13a/b. No matter what I do this game does not want to work for me. I am running an NTSC backup on an NTSC system, and I went in to the game (not update) partition and took the game.dol placed it on my desktop renamed it RM2E69.dol then on the SD end I have tried changing the path for USB_GX (Yes I DO have the altdol setting turned ON), tried the root of the SD and either way I just get a black screen. On NeoGamma it says RM2E.dol not found even though I have it inside SD:/apps/NeoGamma/RM2E69.dol (the gui said RM2E.dol not found, I tried renaming it but that did not work either).... So hopefully you get the idea. I have been VERY thorough, but there is something wrong here.... If anyone smells a hole pleeeeeasseeeeee let me know if not I am thinking it might be a faulty game.dol I am working with. If someone could PM me about their game.dol (NTSC) that would really help keep me from going 100% certifiably insane. It is really painful that this works for everryyyyoneeee but me, just makes no sense. Thank you to whoever can save me here.
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    i have this working in usb gx fine for few revisions now.
    make sure the dol path is correct. for ex, mine is sd:/dols/ , notice the backslash at end. sounds like this could be your problem if loader says isnt even detecting the dol. make sure you extracted game.dol and not main.dol, looks like you got this right tho.

    1. update to latest usb gx
    2. create folder 'dols' or 'dol' or w/e on root of sd card, place dol in there
    3. specify correct path in usbloader settings, remember backslash at end 'sd:/dols/'
    4. click on settings for game, make sure youre using ios 249, im using 13a
    5. also make sure alternate dol loading is on, save settings, launch

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    are you sure that your version of the game is RM2E69.dol? because some can be RM2U69.dol or RM2X69.dol. in Wiiscrubber 1.4 it says what your region code letter should be, if its U, X, E or whatever, should be in the top right corner.