Alright, I am hoping you all can verify my steps are correct. (Backup/load Wii U games)

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    Okay so, I have been using the program ddd title dumper to dump my Wii U games. But I am not sure if everything is going okay, because my games fail to load in Loadiine Gx2.

    So, I run ddd and the game hangs at the startup until all of the /vol/ content is dumped. Then when I press home, it dumps the xml files. That is fine, and New Super Mario Bros U loads up, but then freezes with a black screen after the prompt 'You can use the following controllers.'

    So, is there something regarding ddd title dumper that I am missing? Should I only dump the 'content' folder and get the rpl/rpx files and xml files with Dumpiine and XML dumper, respectively?

    The Definitive Guide to Wii U hacking has been a great resource! I think I have a good idea of what the process is but am failing somewhere along the way.

    Any ideas? Games either don't load, or I get a code dump.