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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by cowabungabruce, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Aug 2, 2007
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    I recieved my R4 yesterday. Incredible. It is my first dip into the world of portable homebrew and it is so much more easier and accessable than I imagined. Having had nothing on my computer besides my collection of snes and nes roms, I was playing so many different types of games in 3 minutes. Thank god for automatic DLDI patching. Geowarsds is a very impressive and polished homebrew. I was amazed.

    -I have about 5 nds roms on my card now. I had a late night last night a played a fair amount of each. This was before I knew about trimming. If I trim the roms, is the save incompatable? FF3 is nice but retreading is no fun. Also, what is the best trimmer in terms of ease of use and not screwing up the rom?

    -My second slot is screaming at me to fill it with something now. Should I get that 3in1 expansion? Are there better options? If I use an M3 lite, do I just boot to R4 menu and then click into slot-2 and would that bring me to an M3 lite menu? I wish there was more documentation on dual wielding flashcarts. Also, I'm using a first generation fat ds with thoughts of upgrading to a ds lite soon.

    -Warcraft:Tower defense is fun and pretty but I don't know what the point is. Is there a guide or something? The website just has links to a forum.

    -Nethack is on of my favorite games and is very cool on the ds but I need a magnifying glass. Is there any modifications I can to fix this? The tile sets are fine but the text and the stats at the bottom are rediculous. and if the case is that I can't fix it, are there any other roguelikes that are better on the ds? I couldn't get Linley's crawl to work. It stalls on a loading screen each time.

    -Does soft reset only work on nds roms? That seems to be the case for me so far and it would be nice if I was wrong.

    If one or all of these gets answered, I will be overjoyed it will be appreciated.
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    No, Trimming just makes the size smaller. All roms HAVE to be a certain size so the dev team throws some extra pointless stuff in it, trimming takes it away. I use the NDSTokyoTrim Trimmer, works fine for me. I'd reccomend the 3 in 1. It's a Rumble Pak, Ram Exp. And Flash Cartridge in one. Soft reset only works on NDS Roms as far as I know. I'm not sure about the homebrew games, I'll look it up though. [​IMG]
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    Soft Reset isn't supported on hombrew materials.